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headshot of CWRU President Barbara R. Snyder

President’s Welcome

To Faculty, Staff and Students of Our Dental, Medical and Nursing Schools:

Six months ago we celebrated the groundbreaking for the Health Education Campus. Ever since, anyone who has checked out the webcam or simply driven past the site has seen first huge mounds of dirt and then columns of steel and concrete emerge from the ground. More recently, you may have seen press coverage of some discussions involving the siting of our dental clinic, as well as last week an inspiring presentation regarding progress with the Microsoft HoloLens digital anatomy curriculum. Finally, the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing demonstrated its own educational advances by landing two programs in the top 10 in U.S. News & World Report’s graduate rankings.

In short, we see a great deal of activity going on among our programs as they exist now and in the innovative approaches you are designing for the near future. While I have the great privilege of learning about many of the developments across your schools and from our facilities planning leaders, it’s increasingly clear that much of the news does not reach everyone with an interest—or at least not in as timely a way as we’d like.

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Construction Update: April 2016

When you look at the Health Education Campus (HEC) webcam these days, you see a series of extra-wide concrete pillars on the east and west sides of the site. These are the building’s “cores”—concrete shafts that will house elevators, restrooms, equipment rooms and stair towers, among other items. Ultimately the building will have 12 of these structures.

The cores look so imposing right now because they are 18 feet wide and 35- to 50-feet high. Over the next couple of months they all will reach 65 feet in the air, and will help support the signature skylight roof that will help illuminate the atrium in good weather, and protect it from hail, snow and other inclement conditions.

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